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Printerᴀᴅᴍɪɴ is a proud member of The Admin Group


About Us


PrinterAdmin are specialists in Managed Print Services, dealing with supply and automation of print and document solutions. Our staff have a wealth of experience, from working with the old HP 4P's through to many of the latest models. We will recommend solutions for most environments, and are happy to assist you in improving workflows and reducing costs. 



Our Values


Here at ICTadmin, and the Admin Group as a whole, we have 4 Key Values that permeate everything we do in the business world. We believe with keeping these in mind in all our dealings we will not only achieve success but also the positive reputation that comes from living up to such goals.


Fairness - It is only through presenting reasonable and fair terms that all parties involved in a transaction can come out ahead and create something from nothing.


Quality - We never compromise on quality when it comes to our clients.


Team Spirit - Through the combination of a range of specialist skills in our staff members, supported by some of the best directors in the Industry, we can all pull together give the very best in service.


Honesty - Without honesty, all other promises and values can be called into question. Through rigorous standards and by selecting only those with values which match this ethos, we ensure a totally transparent process at every step.


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