Ask HP if OKI makes great printers?

They'll probably tell you that the HP is better

It may be a better printer, but whether it's better for your business, is dependent on your requirements. We have access to many vendor's products and are only too happy to give you our honest opinion on the best equipment for your situation.
We don't offer printers because of brand alliances or the Logos on our door, we offer printers based on your requirements.

Got all the major vendors in to quote? Put us in the ring!

The same way the Holden sales team probably have no interest in telling you about superior safety features in the new Ford models, You'll be pleasantly surprised to see what an independent MPS business will tell you that the manufacturers won't.

We like to listen...

Not many people come and talk to us about speeds and feeds at the christmas party, because not everyone is as passionate about the latest in MPS technologies as we are. So when we're talking, we're generally asking questions. You are the best at deciding which printer is right for your business, we're simply here to ask the right questions, and point you in the right direction based on your answers.

Why not give us a call or Make an Appointment so we can tailor a complete solution for you.

 We also offer the following custom solutions:

  1. App Development
  2. Printroom Design
  3. Hybrid Solutions
  4. Shared Resources
  5. Flexible Finance