Whats the Risk?

Are your businesses' documents confidential?

The majority of the sites we encounter at our first meeting are seriously lacking in network security. So much so that in some cases it wouldn't be difficult to gain access to the business critical information through the MFD's, MFP's and other unsecure networked devices without even being inside the building. If your information could be damaging in the wrong hands, you could consider steps to lock it down.

Historically, you might not have clearly seen demonstrable results from your network security investments. Consider that they are not investments you can always afford to find out you made the wrong choice. Having poor network security is like posting your customer list, sales history and profit margins in your office window, or on your website. If you can afford to, send us the link! If you, like us, can't afford to, why not make a time to discuss the potential shortfalls of your current configuration with our dedicated network security technician?

Does your device store a copy of every document it processes?

Inside the HDD of some printers, copiers & MFD's you will find a wealth of information. Even the Australian Government Office of the Austrailian Information Comissioner raises concerns about a businesses compliance with the Privacy Act 1988(cth). If your business handles any personal information, and it is not necessary to store that information you should consider the use of Data Overwrite Security, or a periodical clean of the equipments HDD.

Sometimes getting rid of a printer is like handing over your full financials and database.

If you're getting rid of a printer, book a time with us first to clear the hard disk drives for you so you know that all your private information remains onsite where it should be. Even if you've been using a network security tool to block outside access through the attached devices, even trading in your copier for re-sale could see all that hard work void when your equipment ends up in your competitors IT department.

We'll make sure you make all the right investments in data security. After all, what's the point in helping you create something if we can't help you keep it?


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