Have you ever wondered "Now where did I put that document?"

Ponder no more, with our comprehensive range of solutions for document management.

Whether you need to share a document with the whole company, or just a small team, we cover collaboration for all sized businesses.

Confidential information which you just can't risk anyone getting in to without the right permissions? We can encrypt any document safeguarding the contents even if the file is taken without permission.

Did you know?

Many companies are legally required to maintain document records for up to 5 years. Don't leave yourself open to legal action, or just a lost document, with our archive systems.


Need that document from sometime in July 2013 regarding the James case? Perhaps you just want to find all documents containing a specific invoice total? With a combination of OCR when filing and metadata entries, we can simplify your document searches to ensure you only get what you want to see.


Worried about a collegue changing a document and losing all your hard work, or maybe you want to offer multiple versions of the same document to a client? Version control allows tracking and comparison of changes to a document from creation to finalisation.