Our simple philosophy on Managed Print Services, is to offer the solutions we would use ourselves if we were in your shoes. With our experienced team, you'll have access to the benefits of an in-house specialist when you need them.


Premium Support

Whether it’s critical or not, on-time support is invaluable. We constantly monitor call response and resolution times for both internal and contracted (Manufacturer appointed) technicians. Whether you choose a 2-hour or Next Business Day (NBD) response, our technicians are always below SLA response averages.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we regularly review this data with our partners to ensure everyone is performing at target levels. The technician who attends to service your printer assets will always be qualified to do so.


Term Reducing

Picture it this way… Instead of leasing a printer, you’re buying XX,XXX prints. We’ll provide the equipment you need to get those prints out just the way you want them. If you print ahead of the monthly included volume, you’ll reduce the term of your agreement.

Our plans can help reduce the costs of improving technologies for growing businesses. If your monthly volume increases with time, the cost of upgrading to more suitable equipment is reduced with every excess print. Traditional term-based agreements can lead you to outdated equipment or huge payouts on contracts that continue well after the equipment has met its life expectancy.

If you’re stuck on the old model, the good news is that we can help you with the transition before it gets worse. Even on relatively new agreements, if you’re printing excess prints, give us a call to reduce further expense down the track.


Easy Financing

Whether your business started yesterday, or in the 1800’s we’ve got access to a range of funders who see benefit in each and every customer. We’ll incorporate the termination costs of past agreements so you can reduce your costs on our new solutions, without the cash-flow burden of terminating the old.

On occasion you may see 0%, 1%, 2% finance rates floating around the industry. We don’t subsidise flashy finance rates with inflated equipment prices but instead we simply offer competitive rates on both. This makes flexibility much simpler, our one page variation document lets you make quick changes as often as you desire.




Gartner's Take


"Under MPS, a service provider takes primary responsibility for meeting the customer's office printing needs, including the printing equipment, the supplies, the service and the overall management of the printer fleet... Large organisations, in particular, tend to have the most complex and least efficient office printing practices to begin with, and thus stand to benefit the most from optimizing them."


Gartner, Inc.
Ken Weilerstein, October 2012